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The focus of PRINO-PLAST is manufacturing of cotton and viscose fibre based products for the cosmetic and medical markets.
Since the company was established in 1992, the product range has been steadily increasing.
As of today, around 50% of our products are used for medical purposes (Medical Cotton Wool, Cotton Wool Rolls, Dental Rolls, Cotton Wool Balls, Compress Bandages, Medical Cotton Wool String and Padding for production of Eye Bandages).
The remainder is sold on the beauty market (Cotton Pleats, Hairdresser's Neck Rolls, Cotton Wool Balls, Cotton Wool Pads, Cotton Buds and Breast Pads).
Our own brand names include the "Gracja" series and the "Violetta" (Hairdresser's Neck Roll).
The largest share of present production is sold under our distributors' private labels, which is customized according to the needs of each individual customer and we take pride in being able to offer such flexibility to match these demands. PRINO-PLAST has developed strong relationships with the biggest European distributors in the industry.
Since the company was established, the most rapid area of development has been export to Western European countries, which accounts today for more than 75% of overall sales.

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