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PRINO-PLAST was established on January 18, 1992 in Poznan, and it operated from the nearby city of Wielichowo. The shareholders and executives are Maria Prior-Nowak (Germany) and Andrzej Nowak (Poland). Originally the company was importing adhesive bandages, however it quickly discovered opportunities in the market of cotton and viscose fibre products.
In April 1993 the headquarters relocated to Malbork, due to preferential geographical location and market demand in that area as well as available competitive production facilities. The first production line of Cotton Pleats was successfully launched in August 1993.

Since 1999, the PRINO-PLAST company has implemented management systems based originally on the standards PN-EN ISO 9002:1994 and EN 46002:1996 for medical products.
As a result, the management system has become well controlled and highly responsive. Its priority is the creation and development of high-quality internal processes, and as result the company offers a very safe product which exceeds client expectations in every respect.

Employees’ awareness regarding the importance of these issues and their engagement towards accurate functioning of the management system are clearly reflected in the results achieved by PRINO-PLAST.
Our company has gained many trade partners since the implementation of these standards, which in turn have supported development in our sales growth.
Internationally recognised certification has proved helpful and necessary to expand into foreign markets, and to increase revenues. They have also contributed to the positive image of our company at home and abroad.
In line with increasing demand for our products, our number of employees has also steadily increased.
Today PRINO-PLAST is a major employer in the city of Malbork, and also a well respected producer on the Polish and European market.
The company continues its forward progress into the future by dynamic investments and development.